Return and Refund Policy

We take complete care of your rights and believe in providing all information regarding our service policies. This also includes the policy on return and refund.

Canceling your order

When you cancel your order after the preparation of the ordered food or the delivery, we don’t provide refunds or return. However, if you have any issue with the quality, you can contact us. We will acknowledge the issue and take appropriate decision.

Not getting food on time

Though there is a very less chance, a late delivery can happen due to circumstances that are not in our control. You can contact us regarding a late delivery. We will provide a replacement for the ordered food only if the issue occurs due to our fault. On the other hand, if the late delivery occurs due to a wrong address provided by you, or unavailability of any person to take the delivery, we are not liable to refund or return.

Other issues

We are always here to understand your issues and take reasonable decisions. Our team stays available to listen to the problems you have and inform you about the policies we apply. So, you can contact us if any technical or other issues occur during order placement and getting the delivery.

Call us now!

You can understand our refund and return policies by contacting us. We have a dedicated team ready to respond to your complaints. So, feel free to contact us whenever you feel confused about the return and refund policy.

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