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It Means You are Enjoying a Good Company

It is said that one cannot have dumplings alone. It is such a heavenly experience that you need a company to share your joy. We offer such experience at the Dumpling Palace in Cambridge.

You must not miss this excitement to share the joy of sharing such delicacy with a good company. We offer the freshest of the ingredients, well-crafted in the softest of dough, and the filling is carefully infused with the right amount of aromatic herbs and spices and folded in an artistic way. These are steamed just to the perfection. The steaming hot bite-sized dumplings are a perfect match for a snack when you go out with the person you love or a group of close friends.

Celebrations need no occasion and, therefore, you may end up calling your dearest friends over a dumpling snack party and we promise to serve the best dumpling in town for you just at your door step. Choose your most loved platter from the Dumpling Palace menu and relax while we prepare the savory for you. All you need to do is just give us a phone call and we make sure that you enjoy to the fullest with your friends and family.

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