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Are You Planning for a Healthy Eating Out?

Sometimes we want to celebrate our little moments of joy and end up finding us at a restaurant hogging on unhealthy food. With the Dumpling House Menu, you have a plethora of healthy yet tasty dishes to choose from. We offer something for all and bring you the dumplings with veg filling as well as non-veg filling. Our dumplings are made with the freshest of ingredients and are handcrafted with excellence with our dumpling artists who exhibit their art of making dumplings by carefully mixing the right amount of ingredients, folding them in a soft dough which is just enough to hold the filling together and steam them to the degree where it becomes juicy and well-cooked. These are served hot to your platter with a hot dip sauce made with especially dried red chilies and other flavorful ingredients.

Our innovation for dumpling has taken us to make Sushi Dumplings as well as dessert dumplings with filling like hot chocolate sauce that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Don’t wait and celebrate your joyous moment with us and get the Dumpling House Delivery at your home or office or you may just plan an outing with your gang at our specialty restaurant.

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