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We understand your emotions for dumplings. We are a dumpling house in Cambridge and are known to prepare delicious dumplings to meet your taste buds. The flavorful Asian delicacy is crafted with care to serve each platter with same dedication. Give our authentic dumplings a try. We bet you will be taken to the Asian streets where dumplings were born.

We offer a wide variety of dumplings to choose from, starting from veg to non-veg. We have also taken care of the contemporary desires for taste and thus, have come up with fusions such as Sushi dumplings. Moreover, to satisfy that sweet tooth, we have a range of dessert dumplings which are sure to blow your mind.

Choose the best platter for you from the dumpling house Cambridge menu and we are sure you will ask for more. Our craftsmen, especially, take care of the outer dough to be soft and smooth just to keep the filling intact but not to overwhelm the softness of the filling. We fill our dumplings with flavorful ingredients mixed with aromatic herbs and spices that complement each bite.

Our service is available online as well. So, you can also order from the comfort of your home.

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