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We are the dumpling experts in Boston and chicken dumpling is our expertise. If you are a meat lover and are in search of chicken and dumpling restaurant, then you are in the right place. Join us to taste the flavorful yet mild dumplings which are feathery soft and melts in the mouth.

Our minced chicken dumpling is famous among our non-vegetarian customer base. When the juicy minced chicken is mixed with herbs and spices and wrapped into a smooth layer, it keeps its flavors intact and gives you the same when you choose steamed or pan-fried dumplings.

Choose from our chicken and dumpling restaurant menu, and order your favorite platter and quench your taste buds. We serve our tender dumplings along with sauces that are specially made by our chefs. Our craftsmen take charge of giving their best to make dumpling which meets your requirement and matches your every mood.

We are open for online bulk and personal orders and we promise delivery at your doorstep with punctuality. The flavorsome chicken dumplings are one of the best options for those who are health conscious yet want to enjoy the flavors of good food. So, no second thoughts! Just peep into our restaurant to relish the chicken and dumplings.

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